Hubs are groups of people that meet throughout the week across the city to form community in light of the good news of the gospel.

Some groups – Community Hubs – build community by meeting in homes and getting to know each other while seeking to follow Jesus together.

Some groups – Activity Hubs – build community by enjoying a shared interest and providing natural opportunities to invite others.

Some groups – Learning Hubs – build community by considering what the Bible says about a specific subject and how it applies to real life.

While not all Hubs meet with the same frequency, they all live within three 10-week terms each year:

Fall Term - September 17 - November 27

Winter Term - January 14 - March 21

Spring Term - April 21 - June 30

This rhythm allows for more opportunities to connect, learn, grow and rest. Hubs are a fun, diverse ways to connect with others and grow spiritually so that we can more effectively represent King Jesus in this city we love to call home.


Community Group Hubs

Community Hubs are meant to build deep relationships and promote spiritual growth and care through small groups of Sojourn attenders. These hubs generally meet in homes and participants build each other up through sharing meals and stories, reading and studying the Bible, and committing to pray with and for each other on a regular basis.


Activity Hubs

Activity Hubs build community around shared interests. They provide easy, low-commitment ways of getting to know other followers of Jesus, and create natural opportunities to invite others in, whether they call Sojourn their church or not. Activity hubs meet regularly or semi-regularly, around a sport, hobby, passion, or vocation - the options are endless. We desire our Activity Hubs to be as diverse and creative as the people at Sojourn, and our hope is that they are easily accessible for our friends and neighbors.


Learning Hubs

Learning Hubs are centered on growth, discovery and a deeper understanding of scripture and how it applies to our everyday life. These hubs take the form of classes or seminars and may focus on finances, marriage, friendship, our work or knowing God.


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