Last Sunday was Sojourn’s “Launch Sunday” and we had a celebration but the party keeps on going this Sunday!  We will, like every Sunday, gather for gospel re-presentation as we sing, read, pray and study the news of God’s work in the world of rescuing a people for himself.  We will see our brothers and sisters and encourage each other to keeping fight the fight to believe and to walk in godliness.  We know that is not easy…that is one of the reasons we need to gather and one of the reasons we need each other. 

We also have another treat for you!  Sojourn is excited to be partnering with Higher Grounds Trading Company.  (You can read more about them here.)  We will now be brewing their phenomenal coffee on Sunday mornings!  We will also be selling 12 oz. bags of Higher Grounds coffee for $10/bag.  Why would we do that?  Because every time you purchase a bag at Sojourn you will support a great local company and help offset our expenses related to providing free coffee for every one on Sundays!  Drink it at your house, give them as gifts or buy it for one of these reasons.

And there is even more!  This Sunday, as a Launch Special, we will be selling Higher Grounds coffee with our new Sojourn mugs!  We are offering a few different packs:

  • Solo Light, $6 – Sojourn mug & Pot Pack (2 oz.) of Higher Grounds coffee   
  • Solo Bonus, $14 – Sojourn mug & 12 oz. bag of Higher Grounds coffee  
  • Duo Light, $18TWO Sojourn mugs & 12 oz. bag of Higher Grounds coffee
  • Duo Bonus, $25TWO Sojourn mugs & TWO 12 oz. bags of Higher Grounds coffee  

Supply is limited so come ready. 

See you tonight at Come Meet That Guy (400 W. Front St, 3rd Floor, 7-9 PM)!