At Sojourn, we love to gather every Sunday morning to meet with God and be renewed by his grace. This happens as we re-present the the truths of the gospel to ourselves and each other: God is holy, we are sinners, Christ saves us, and Christ sends us. These are truths that we need to engage with every Sunday, but they are also realities that we need to live out of every moment of the rest of the week. In an effort to help you re-present the gospel to yourself and your family when you're not gathered with your Sojourn community, every Monday we post a recap of our Sojourn Sunday gatherings. We hope these serve you in some small way: maybe the prayer of confession we used will meet you at a time when you are struggling; maybe a song that we sung will remind you that Jesus satisfies better than any human relationship ever could; maybe just a reminder of the fact that God has brought you into a community will lift you out of feelings of isolation and discouragement. However much (or little) this actually helps you, our main encouragement would be to join us for the real thing! Nothing can take the place of worshiping the Savior together with his sons and daughters, your brothers and sisters.


Here's a recap of what went down this past Sunday, May 18th, 2014:


Prelude: Oh God by Zach Bolen

Welcome & Prayer


Call to Worship [Psalm 40:16-17]

“May all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you; may those who love your salvation say continually, “Great is the LORD!” As for me, I am poor and needy, but the Lord takes thought for me. You are my help and my deliverer; do not delay, O my God!”

Song: Blessed Be Your Name by Beth & Matt Redman


Invitation to Confession:

[As we walk the roads of suffering and sadness, we fix our eyes on God, who promises to be a shelter to all who run to him in their neediness. Let’s run to him together:]

Song: A Mighty Fortress by Christy & Nathan Nockels

Prayer of Confession [Psalm 139:23-24]

“Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way of everlasting!”


Song: One Glance Of Yours by John Newton; new music by The Oaks Music

One glance of yours, eternal Lord, pierces all of me through; nor heav'n nor earth, nor hell, afford a shelter from your view!

All of creation, every part, at once before you lies; and every thought of every heart is open to your eyes.

Though greatly from myself concealed, you see my inward frame; to you I always stand revealed exactly as I am.

Since therefore I can hardly bear what in myself I see; how vile and stained must I appear, most holy God, to thee.

But since my Savior stands between, in garments dyed in blood; 'tis he, instead of me, is seen when I approach my God.

So, though a sinner, I am safe; he pleads before the throne; his life and death, on my behalf, he calls my sins his own.

What wondrous love and mercy free in his grace do I find! My breaches of the law are his, and his obedience mine.

Assurance Of Pardon [2 Corinthians 5:21]

“For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ.”


Giving of the Word

Matt Herron preached the fourth sermon in the miniseries "I'm Not Sure", where we're exploring some fundamental questions and hangups with the Christian faith. Matt addressed this question: How can a loving God allow suffering? Matt rooted the discussion in Luke 5:17-26, where we saw that Jesus is concerned about deeper things than we are. When we come to Jesus by faith, suffering and trials become our friends, because they are allowed by a loving God for our ultimate good.


Song: It Is Well With My Soul by Philip Paul Bliss & Horatio G. Spafford

Song: The Saving One by Mia Fieldes, Jon Neufeld, & Tim Neufeld


Benediction [Ephesians 3:20-21]

"Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen."