Less than two weeks ago we shared with the Sojourn family the situation that we are facing primarily regarding three facility concerns (roof, parking lot, boilers).  We shared that to properly repair/replace them would cost approximately $150,000.   We shared that two of those concerns (roof and parking lot) totaled $75,000 and needed immediate action.  We shared that we believe these projects are important for us to be good stewards of our facilities, to be hospitable neighbors to our community and to be intentionally on mission as a sending church.  In other words, we want our building to a well-maintained base camp from which we love Jesus, follow Jesus and reach others for Jesus.


We shared all this, handed out pledge cards and asked you to consider giving above and beyond your normal giving to help us #FixThisPlace.  We are humbled and thankful for the response so far.  Here are the highlights:

·      Our members unanimously approved the projects with a sweet spirit of unity and family. 

·      We received news of a “$1 for $2 every two dollars given” matching gift (up to $30,000).

·      A gentleman in our church shared with us that he can secure a discount on the boilers. 

·      The Sojourn Family, over the last two Sundays, has generously pledged just over $40,000!

·      This means our first goal (to pay for the most urgent projects) is almost met!  With $40,000 pledged and $20,000 of matching funds we are getting close to be able to complete the roof and parking lot with no debt! 


Our next goal is to receive an additional $20,000 in pledges so that we can take full advantage of the matching gift.  Our final goal is to reach the $150,000 mark so that we can do all of these projects with no debt.  We recognize that all this will be done by God’s grace alone.  We are committed to trusting him with our building, with the timeline and with our finances.


Will you make these goals specific prayer targets over the weeks ahead?  We have asked all pledge cards to be turned in by Sunday, October 18.  Please pray and consider what generosity would look for you as we tackle #FixThisPlace together!