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Matt Howell, a Reformed University Fellowship campus minister, provides such a gospel-centered look at change and how we should be letting the gospel alter our view of change! Find the podcast on iTunes or by clicking the link here.


"At the heart of biblical hospitality is a humble willingness to serve others. It is not intended to show off what we have, but to demonstrate whom we follow." Wow, that convicted me as a woman who thinks that hospitality is the Lord has gifted me with. This article reminded me that I need a gospel-shift in my perspective on hospitality!


As Christmas approaches, the financial pressures and heavily-scheduled calendars can become a major reality for some of us. I have been trying to compile some budget-friendly meals that will feed the masses. Here are some of my family's go-to recipes this month:

                                                            photo from skinnytaste.com

                                                            photo from skinnytaste.com

Beef Barley Soup

We love this soup in my house.. it's a cousin to Chicken Noodle Soup. The perfect Saturday night meal. Make a double batch and freeze the leftovers for an easy weeknight meal!

                                                              photo from rachelschultz.com

                                                              photo from rachelschultz.com

Fried Rice

Another winner in our house, because we often have everything on hand. Sometimes we like to omit the chicken and replace with roasted zucchini for a tasty veggie fried 

                                                            photo from thepioneerwoman.com

                                                            photo from thepioneerwoman.com

White Chili

I just made this recipe this week - and froze most of it for later! I cut the cooking time down by using canned beans instead of dried beans. Also, I boiled chicken breasts in water to create my own broth.. It came together in under an hour! Serve with tortilla chips or cornbread.


While this season may be a busy one, my personal prayer for my own family and for you and yours is that we would prioritize spending time in the Lord's Word: 


Father, I pray for our hearts during this Advent season. May we slow down our to-do lists, sit in Your presence and steady our daily & minute-by-minute gaze on You. Open our hearts to receive the gift of this season: receiving the birth of Jesus Christ as Your Redemption plan for all of humanity.

May Jesus' birth remind us of our need of a Savior and a Rescuer. May Jesus' birth remind us that You loved us enough to sacrifice your one, true & perfect son for our sinful hearts. Thank you for how your love is always faithful even when we are faithless. I pray these things in Your holy name, Amen.