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I've been having conversations with my husband about how this fall/holiday season has been the busiest season thus far for 2015. We are looking to change how routines and rhythms with the help of this "ideal week"mentality. Pastor Matt referred us to this article and it is helpful in thinking through how to aspire to a healthy balance of work and rest!  



As I found myself making lists for Christmas presents this year, I found myself really tied up in asking myself questions like: Is this gift enough for my sister? Will my cousin think this gift is lame? What else can I give my nephew.. this just doesn't feel like enough? Needless to say, I found myself need constant re-centering on what Christmas is all about. So, if you find yourself feeling that way today... here's a great reminder of the truth about Christmas from author, Paul David Tripp. 

 "Christmas is about God giving Himself to us. Jesus came because that was the only thing that would solve the problem. He came as the gift. The gift that could live the life you and I could never live."

Find more from Paul David Tripp on his website.


father, remind us of the meaning of Christmas as we go about our days today. you came so that we might be rescued. we are grateful. in your name, amen.