"Answer me when I call, O God of my righteousness! You have given me relief when I was in distress. Be gracious to me and hear my prayer!"
Psalm 4:1

Use these prayer targets as you take time during lunch to fast.

Ash Wednesday

- for spiritual deepening for all who are fasting today

- that we would all more clearly see our frailty and mortality
- that we would feel the weight as we mourn the reality of our brokenness and the condition of the world due to sin
- that we would trust Christ as we repent of (turn from) our sin
- that Lent (a season of 40 days before Easter) would help us to more clearly see ourselves, our neighbor and our Savior

- for more & better disciples who are flourishing in all 5 identities
- for the new Christians, new attenders and regular attenders/members at Sojourn to grow
- for our Community Groups and their leaders
- for Sojourn Kids ministry
- for the continued development and implementation of our local & global missions strategy

- for all who are enduring trials "of various kinds" (spiritual, marital, physical, financial, relational, etc.)

Traverse City
- for Traverse City Christians to be examples of grace, life & light in our city
- for those who do not have a relationship with Christ to come to know Him
- for the effective ministries of other Traverse City churches who love Christ & His gospel
- for wisdom in addressing the variety of challenges & blessings for all who live here
- provision & warmth for the homeless & the poor
- employers & employees

- safety & courage for our persecuted brothers & sisters (Middle East, Africa, Asia, etc.)
- for war, poverty, orphans, racial division & disease (Ukraine, ISIS, Israel/Palestine, Africa, India, Ferguson, NYC, etc.)
- for all unreached people groups (people who have never heard of the gospel
- for more churches to be planted all over the globe


We hope to see y'all tonight at our Ash Wednesday Service from 6-7PM in the Auditorium.