In 2016, we are taking a couple intentional steps to develop a culture of prayer at Sojourn. Here is one of them:


On Wednesday, February 3 we will start Sojourn Prayer


We will do it on the first Wednesday of every month from 7-8 PM.  While I am sure we will tweak the format along the way, our goals are to: 1] learn about prayer (10-15 minutes) and 2] pray (40-45 minutes)...

  • praying the scriptures
  • praising, confessing and repenting, giving thanks
  • praying for Sojourn
  • praying for our partners
  • praying for God's work in us, Traverse City and the world
  • praying for people who do not know Jesus
  • praying for each other
  • praying for other churches
  • remembering and resting in the gospel

2016 Sojourn Prayer dates are:

 February 3   |   March 2   |   April 6   |   May 4   |   June 1   |   July 6   |   August 3   |   September 7   |   October 5   |   November 2   |   December 7

(Put them on your calendar today!)


Praying with your church family is a sweet and underestimated habit to develop.  I would encourage you to make it a priority, because prayer is hard and yet so necessary.  I read once that "regular praying is the best evidence that we actually believe we need God".   


Let's help each other grow as prayers in 2016. 
- Pastor Matt