A few times a month I'll be posting articles, podcasts, books, music and other favorite finds I've found throughout the month! Please feel free to share your favorite finds in the comments. 


About a year ago, prayer triads were put on my radar. To quote Melissa Kruger, prayer triads are "small groups of accountability partners." I read this article last week and it got me motivated to pray that I'd have a group of women around me that know me and pray for me regularly. 

I love her thoughts on triads:

Another hope is to create a rich community within our church. Triads are not created to form small cliques, but rather as a means to create pockets of community that serve to foster discipleship and growth in the Christian life. As smaller parts of the larger community are fortified and strengthened, the entire body is built up.

Let's all pray that we can have women (or men) around us that know us and pray for us. 



I didn't know that I needed to learn how to be more productive... I most definitely considered myself Type-A, an organizer and overall pretty efficient at not dropping the ball. Then, I read Do More Better and not only am I better equipped to manage my work & personal load, but I have a better understanding of how I spend my time. I have been in an overwhelming season of responsibility and this book helped me to get my head and my to-do list around all that needs to be done...

The most important part: how to get it done FOR THE GLORY OF GOD. A must-read if you ask me! 



Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 10.32.28 AM.png

Hola y'all -- let's get serious about my husband's favorite snack. His birthday is next week and I've been trying to come up with thoughtful things to make for his birthday dinner... Here lies the gold. I read this article and realized these two simple steps will change your (and my!) chips & salsa game forevermore. And probably make you become insta-best-friends with us (Mexican food is our love language). Come on, Cinco de Mayo!


Father, help us to learn what it looks like to be productive for Your glory. teach us to not solely lean on our own priorities, but on the priorities that you want us to so that we may reflect you more in our homes, at our workplaces and for ourselves.

I pray that we might be able to learn more about your heart for us to gather in triads coming to You in prayer. lord, show us all who you might want us to gather with. stir in our hearts the desire to pray more if we are in a dry season. we want more of You, lord, and long to pursue Your desires for us. we ask this in your name, amen.