Once a month we will hear from someone in our church and how they've applied the truth of scripture to their lives. This week we have the privilege of hearing from Patti Damiani's heart -- and on her birthday! Happy birthday, dearest Patti!



How has Jesus shown up in your suffering?

Cancer, broken bones and dislocated knees, ambulances.  Not the kind of year we ordered last year, yet it happened.  Normal disappeared replaced by ambiguity and inability, dual roles, too much and yet too little.  


How did Jesus show up?  

He didn’t.  He was there before I was.  I walked into it, not Jesus… he was there, waiting for me to join Him.  He was there when I was scared and alone in the nuclear room, he was there when my husbands broken leg and dislocated knee placed him out of action and I gained his jobs on top of my jobs on top of caring for him for almost 3 months.  If I forgot for one minute that Jesus was there, I lost sight of my future and drowned in my present, stressed, carrying it all.  Jesus was there, reminding me that He was taking me one step at a time, enabling me one choice at a time, one task at a time.  He stabilized my heart, my fear, my to-do list that went beyond my ability to accomplish.  He was there when friends, community group showed up to plant the garden, mow the lawn, make us laugh.  He was there at night in my fears of leaving my husband a widower.  Jesus didn’t show up… He was there before I was.  I just had to look.


Interested to hear a little more about Patti and how to apply biblical principles to relationship? Attend her Relational Wisdom Seminar on March 5.