A few times a month I'll be posting articles, podcasts, books, music and other favorite finds I've found throughout the month! Please feel free to share your favorite finds in the comments. 

How to Make Someone Feel Appreciated

Something about starting a new year has stirred up some major action steps in getting things done... I don't want to miss people amidst my to-do list. Christy Wright's blog was a great read to remind me how to encourage and to spur other folks onto love and good deeds!

Greatest takeaway from her words is to "take one extra minute and appreciate [someone] in the strongest way possible."


Motivating Music for My Mornings

Maybe you saw my "hopeful habits" for 2016... one thing that is easing my morning routine is waking up being reminded of the truth before I ever step foot out of my house. Perhaps your mornings need a little bit of truth, too? Listen to my Point me to Christ playlist with me tomorrow morning!


Valentine's Crafting

image from: magnoliamarket.com

image from: magnoliamarket.com

Few things I love more than staying in on a Saturday and crafting the day away. Sometimes I can even get my husband involved, especially with a project like this one! A little (a literal) labor of love that I hope we can do together. My desire is to use this board to spur us to remember the truth as we live and love amidst our home.. maybe even to help with scripture memorization?! Fingers crossed! 


father, I pray that i would see others as you see them. then, share those deeds or characteristics where I see you alive in them. let our appreciation of others reveal more of You to them. I also pray that we would be more grounded in the truth of Your word through song, memorization or meditation in the bible. show us more of you, Lord. we long to know and to love you more. in your name, amen.