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Posting this article is mostly more for me to be reminded of God's sovereignty than to shower y'all with this reminder. But, maybe, you might need to hear it too? Really encouraged by her heart:

"If we believe that life in a fallen world impacts us all, then we must believe that life is hard for everyone to varying degrees. We would do well to listen to each other more intently. There is a lot we don’t know about the future, which is what makes it so daunting sometimes. Sure, we don’t know what hardship awaits us, but we also don’t know what grace is waiting for us on the other side either."

When a weary heart beats within us

I emailed this to my husband earlier this week. We have been feeling beat down and exhausted by life - work responsibilities, traveling frequently, social calendar. Thankfully, Scotty Smith put words to a prayer that we needed to pray then and daily in this season of busyness. I pray that your heart feels lightened by God's care for us and our weariness.


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a way to think about  friends leaving [Traverse city]

image from pacificcrossroads.org

image from pacificcrossroads.org

A pastor out in LA wrote this incredibly kingdom-minded perspective on friends moving and I know that I needed to remind myself of this: "be grateful for the time we have with people while we have it." Here's to intentionally pursuing friends in our midst this week, this summer and for any season of time we are called to live in Traverse City together!



FATHER, remind us of how you carry our burdens, big or small. i pray we'd lean into you and your scriptures for the reminders of truth we need on a daily basis. 

Help us to pursue people near us in any season of their life. WE ASK THese things IN YOUR NAME, AMEN.