Greetings fellow Sojourners!

Sojourn Kids aims to partner with families to help children know and love Jesus.  I want to highlight a few things we have tweaked recently to better accomplish this goal.

CLASS RHYTHMS:  Each class has a rhythm, or schedule, that helps teachers be consistently kid & gospel-centered.

  • A friendly welcome:  Kids are known and get to know others.
  • Prayer:  Classes open & close with prayer.
  • Gospel-centered:  Curriculum, discussion and activities focus on “bringing each lesson back to Christ”.

DISCIPLESHIP:  We hope to intentionally lay a foundation of biblical knowledge and “gospel understanding” that can be built upon, applied, and expressed as kids grow.  Each month, kids work to memorize one of the six truths below and a related Bible verse. 

God Made Everything.                    God Wants to Talk to You.

God Is In Charge Of Everything.    Jesus Came to Save Sinners.

God Is Good.                                  The Holy Spirit Helps You Grow.

In 2018, I will be working on ways to better equip families in the area of child discipleship…stay tuned!

GOSPEL-CENTERED CURRICULUM:  A yellow brochure is available at the Welcome Desk with more detail.  Or, click the curriculum title below to visit a website for more information.  The Gospel Project for Kids even has an app you can download!

JESUS & KID-LOVING VOLUNTEERS:  Sojourn Kids ministry is only as good as the folks “on the ground”, and we have some spectacular folk serving with Sojourn Kids!  Could you be one of them? In the next month or so, there are 3 volunteers who will take a break from Sojourn Kids to welcome a new baby!  If you are interested in filling one of the open spots, please send me an email by clicking today! 
As always, I’m here to take your call, text or email anytime with questions or feedback!
Kind regards,
Jeannie Heystek
Sojourn Kids Coordinator