I was struck this past week by a renown disciple makers passion over his 89 years to faithfully invest his life in coming alongside others to make disciples.  The fly leaf of his Bible holds hundreds of names of those he has discipled…in order to pray for their continued growth.  What a testament of a life well lived, one that is finishing well.  I too want to finish well.

This past June, on a personal retreat I prayed and asked God to “order my disciple-making steps” for the upcoming year.  I prayed for 2 new relationships at Sojourn to disciple. I also asked God to give me 6 women to train in being disciple makers.  Prayer led me to reach out to Valeri who had been praying for someone to disciple her.  Listen to Valerie's story…the one sitting beside me hearing this humble man Robert Coleman:


As I reflect back at my life and weave together my narrative, I am reminded how I have had exposure to various tools to develop my walk with God but it seemed like there was a missing link.  As I lived out roles in society as sacrificing mom, ambitious career woman, church-goer, volunteer, small group participant, there was this unanswered question that lingered in me: “What is to be my life purpose"? 
My journey towards wholeness in God has been somewhat of a windy road.  The destination has always had a clear end but It wasn’t until recently that I’ve been blessed through a life to life disciple-making relationship where I have intentionally learned how to strengthen my walk with God.  Through this process, I am practically learning how to live for Christ by implementing His Word personally into my life, so that I can then effectively invest in others to do the same.

Disciple-making has taught me practical instruction on how to read and mark my bible; effective ways to memorize verses; and how to daily personalize God’s Word so that I’m not just accumulating knowledge. I’m discovering how this process is a part of the journey towards experiencing my wholeness in Christ: being built up in Him; strengthened in my faith so I can fulfill my life’s purpose of personal obedience to His  commandment to “go and make disciples of all nations…” and, thus, bring glory to His name.

Valeri McCarthy and her husband Tim have been a part of the Sojourn family for the past 3 years.  

Patti Damiani