On November 12th, churches around the world will be observing Orphan Sunday. On this Sunday, as they’ve been doing for many years now, churches will be standing for the orphan: listening to God’s call to care for the child that has no family, reflecting on God’s great love for the fatherless, and looking for ways to respond to God’s great love by being his hands and feet. 

At Sojourn, we will be joining in on this global moment in several small but important ways:  

  • We will watch a short video about Orphan Sunday, one that highlights the need but also celebrates the ways that followers of Jesus from around the world have stepped out in faith to care for the orphan. 
  • We will join our hearts together in praying for orphan care, both globally, domestically, and locally. This will include a focus on adoption, foster care, and orphan care ministries around the world. 
  • We will hear from some ministries that are involved in orphan care. One such ministry will be Christ’s Hope International, a ministry close to our heart in many ways. Sojourn is involved with 2 CarePoints in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). You can learn more about Christ’s Hope International’s CarePoint model here
  • We will be representing the Gospel through singing, reading, and listening to God’s Word. The Gospel is where we see God’s love for the orphan on full display, and its the only place that we can go to properly respond to the great need in front of us. 

So, what can you do to be prepared for Orphan Sunday? Probably many good things, but here is one thing that’s super-easy to do:

Wear your Team CYCLEBREAKER t-shirt! 

Many of you will remember the church taking a big group photo in some snazzy black t-shirts awhile back. Well, in order to raise awareness and move us to action, we’re asking you to wear that t-shirt to church on Orphan Sunday, November 12th. Don’t have a t-shirt? They will be for sale this coming Sunday, November 5th, as well as on November 12th. There are regular cotton shirts for $12, and extra soft shirts for $18. 100% of the t-shirt money will go to Christ’s Hope International and their work of breaking the cycle of AIDS and poverty in sub-saharan Africa. 

God calls us to care for the orphan every single day of the year, but it is immensely valuable to take a Sunday every year to focus on God’s heart for the orphan in a very pointed way. Our prayer is that Orphan Sunday will continue spilling out into all the other Sundays, and on into the rest of our days - both in our city, our state, our nation, and all the way around the globe.