This past Sunday, 9 people were baptized!  Our hearts are full!  How wonderful it was to hear their testimonies on how God continues to work in each of their lives. 
What a celebration!! 

Many of you were here to share in the day, but if you were not, here is one of the testimonies from Sunday:   

Testimonial from Lee Johnson - 
I had no real Christian education growing up.
We went to church occasionally, but I don’t remember any real learning. 
I was overwhelmed by the big churches my parents and grandparents went to, as well as the church where I went to youth group as a teenager. 
There was no connection for me.
My mother died when I was seven.
I heard things adults said about a God who would let a young mother leave two small boys motherless.
Over the years, I built on those thoughts and was mad at God. 
I was anti-church, and felt Christians were hypocrites. 
I can’t say I recognized any deep inner needs, but I was insecure and never felt adequate in anything. 
I was aware of the Ten Commandments, and always felt they were important. 
I thought they were invented by man so society had rules of decency to live by. 
In the early 2000s, the church my wife and kids went to had a search for a new pastor. 
My wife and I were included in a couple of social events to get to know the new pastor. 
She was warm and sincere and I liked her at once. 
I was drawn to church because of her and I began to learn and want more. 
Gradually my whole view changed. 
I read the Bible. 
I read lots of Christian literature, including the books by Lee Stroebel and the Left Behind series. 
During this time we also joined a small group and had some meaningful Bible studies and serious discussions. 
Lying in bed one night, I got out of bed, got on my knees, and asked Christ to be in my life. 
A peace came over my life. 
The anger over my mother’s death, my parents’ divorce, and my father’s death was gone. 
I just felt settled. 
I looked at things differently and felt things differently.  When my stepmother died, it was different. 
It seemed Holy. 
Her face became beautiful and it was just peaceful.
Over time, the insecurity and searching has been fulfilled with a hunger for knowledge. 
I have built a foundation of self worth. 
My interactions with people have changed and I am not so judgmental. 
I now have a sincere desire to please God.