Romania Ministry Center Land

We are thankful for answered prayer with the RMC. Especially for the 2.5 additional acres of land we are buying that will be our main entrance. We have a signed purchase agreement for that land and expect to close on it soon. Please pray with us for the other pieces for which we are awaiting paperwork.

Also, pray with us as we try to move forward with infrastructure. We have plans to build an entrance road, bring in utilities, and improve drainage on the land. We need God’s wisdom and guidance to move forward.

Summer Camps

Please pray with us for summer camp plans. We are preparing for camps in Ukraine and Romania. RMC work is taking a lot of time, so we are playing catch-up. Please pray with us for the counselors and staff who will be involved this summer.

Fall Plans: Exiled and Adult Retreats at Lake Ann Camp.

Andrew and Pastor Felix have been invited to speak at Lake Ann’s Exiled Romania retreats October 6-8 and 13-15. These retreats are for Middle School students and the theme, Faith Under Fire, is related to how Romanian believers remained faithful under the persecution of communism. Students, parents, youth leaders - mark your calendars and make plans to be a part of this awesome retreat.  

Andrew will be speaking at Lake Ann’s Adults retreat October 9-12. This retreat is for all adults. It is always a great time for fellowship and an opportunity to re-connect.

Rose with friends at SHARE 2017 Hungary

One of the biggest questions missionary parents face is, ‘Am I wrecking my kids education?’ Recently our entire family was blessed to attend a SHARE Education Services conference in Hungary. The purpose of SHARE is to help missionary families succeed in education. Staff from Barnabas International were there to encourage and care for missionaries. For us, the sessions and workshops were a confirmation that our educational plan is working. For our kids, the programs were almost as excellent as the new friendships they made. (Side note; some of an MK’s biggest questions are, ‘Is anyone like me?’ ‘Does anyone understand me?’ Answers: Yes, and yes!)

This conference was like a breath of fresh air for our family. Some might wonder about the value of missionary support organizations like SHARE and Barnabas. We can say wholeheartedly that the encouragement and help they provide is a rare and precious treasure.

Help Fill the Gap

Our support level is at 92%. That means we have a strong team of financial supporters who have committed to giving regularly so that we can live and serve in Romania. We are very blessed by our team of churches and individuals.

But what about that gap of 8%? Thankfully, we also receive occasional gifts that help to make up the difference. One-time donations are a powerful reminder to us of our dependence on God’s provision.

Right now we need some help filling and eliminating that 8% gap. If you would like to help fill that gap you can send a donation to our account at ABWE. If you are able to give on a regular basis, please contact us about joining our committed support team.

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