A child who goes to church with their family attends over 300 Sunday services by the time they reach sixth grade!  

Not surprisingly, as Sojourn Kids Coordinator, I think a lot about why, what and how we teach children at Sojourn.  I recently started reading a book on this very subject.  In Jack Klumpenhowers book, “Show Them Jesus:  Teaching the Gospel to Kids” he explains why and how to teach the good news of the gospel to kids.  I encourage you to grab a copy from the book wall (or Amazon) this week! 

And, in the meantime, here are a few of his thoughts on “teaching” kids that I found insightful:

1)     If you know the good news of Jesus and dare to tell it, you are supremely gifted to advance God’s kingdom – no matter how well you speak. (p21)

2)     The cure for kids (and adults) who feel burdened by sin is not to ignore the topic, but to administer large doses of the good news so that their trust in Jesus grows.  (p39)

3)     We make a mistake if we think kids are saved by hearing the good news and trusting Jesus, but then grow as Christians some other way. (p49)

That last one has struck me!  We are saved by hearing the good news and trusting Jesus and we grow in much the same way.  It’s simple, personal and profound – love Jesus, obey Jesus, and share Jesus with others.

Near the end of the book he states,

“That’s how it goes.  One teacher inspires another, and that one tells a student.  One parent encourages another, and that one tells his kids.  The students and kids grow up and tell still others – each generation of believers rediscovers the beauty of Jesus.” 

Please pray for Sojourn Kids as we seek to partner with families in reaching the next generation with the beauty of Jesus. 

If you want to learn more, you can find gospel-centered lessons, blog posts and information about Jack Klumpenhower by visiting his website at http://jackklumpenhower.com/.

And, I’d be happy to chat with you about Sojourn Kids anytime!  You can reach me at 231-651-9264 or jheystek@sojourntraverse.com.