I began a disciple-making lifestyle at the prime-time age of 30 upon the encouragement of an older friend.  Though, I sensed God wanted me to do it, I was scared to death to start.  For one, I had no clue how to disciple anyone. I had no specific training nor had I ever been discipled by another myself.  Plus, at the time, I had a demanding job with 4 young kids at home and was leading a College/Career ministry in our church.  So where would I find the time?

But no matter the number of excuses I could conveniently accumulate, God lead me to trust Him beyond my lack of time and training.  He soon gave me a teachable young believer – and so we began.  And what a life-changing experience it turned out to be!  The thrill of being personally involved in a disciple-making lifestyle is like none other!  What reasons or excuses hold you back from personally engaging in “becoming a better disciple, to make more and better disciples” with your life?  

May this blog from my friend, Justin Gravitt, be of specific encouragement to you.  
Enjoy!......Lou Damiani

I'm Not Called To Make Disciples