This past Sunday, we shared with you that Sojourn Church is participating with the Baby Bottle Boomerang fundraiser with the Pregnancy Care Center.  All funds collected go directly to help its Ultrasound Ministry here in Traverse City.  The Pregnancy Care Center is a nonprofit pro-life medical clinic devoted to help women and men with unexpected pregnancies make an informed decision. 
Pregnancy Care Center provides all services free of charge.  They base everything they do on their belief that human life is sacred because we are created by God and in His image.  By providing a window into the womb through an ultrasound, they help patients connect with the beautiful baby inside of her.  Ultrasound provides confirmation of her pregnancy, ensures that hers is a viable intrauterine pregnancy, determines the gestational age of her baby, and the baby’s due date.  Fathers are encouraged to come and be a part of the ultrasound appointment which helps men to be more involved, responsible and committed fathers. 
In other words, we love the Pregnancy Care Center!
Baby bottles are still available at the Welcome Desk.  Please take one home, fill it with coins, cash and/or a check and return your filled bottle to the Welcome Desk anytime between now and Father’s Day, Sunday, June 18th.  If you are looking for a financial target, we would like to raise at least $1000.  We have 40 bottles so that is an average of $25/bottle. For more information on the Pregnancy Care Center, you may go to