Be sure to mark your calendar with these events!

  • SOJOURN IN THE CITY – Sunday, July 2:  This is a huge day that we would ask you to plug into your calendar right now.  We are having a combined worship service at 10 AM at The City Opera House on Front Street!  It will be incredible and a perfect opportunity to invite that neighbor or friend that you have been wanting to invite.  In the 95 year history of our church we have never had 500 people in a single worship service.  The City Opera House seats over 600 …could we fill it?  Let’s give it a run.
  • Come Meet “That Guy” – Sunday, July 9:  This is an opportunity to connect with some Sojourners!  Guys (and girls!) will gather at the Open Space at 7 PM on Sunday night, July 9th.  This is an adult only event.  More details to follow!
  • Party at the Beach – Friday, July 21: –– Once again we will gather at Greilickville Park for one of our best parties.  We will cook up the legendary low-country boil, light the Tiki torches and celebrate God’s goodness on the shore of West Bay.