Here is a prayer update on the Postema family, missionaries in Romania, that we help support through Sojourn Church. 

Please join us in prayer for this week of camp! 

  • 57 Jr High Campers and Counselors are experiencing the life of the early church in a unique program called 33 A.D.
  • 40 Teen Campers and Counselors are being challenged with the theme: Truth AND Dare - Because within every truth a dare is hidden.
  • More than 80% of campers this week do not have a church background.
  • God for the work He has done in many lives in previous weeks of camp.
  • Praise God for protection and safety both at camp and on the road.
  • Praise God for numerous opportunities to show His love and speak His Word.
  • Pray with us that God will continue to work in the hearts of campers. Many have made decisions this week for Christ.
  • Please pray for physical health. Especially for Pastor Felix who is still recovering from heart surgery. 

Pray with us for strength, wisdom, and spiritual energy for staff:

Jr High Program Staff: Elisabeta and Oana; Speaker: Pastor Felix
Counselors: Poliana, Diana, Crina, Adda, Andreea, Rebeca, Matei, George, Bogdan, Sergiu.

Sr High Program Staff: Cristian and Eunice; Speaker: Pastor Dani
Counselors: Nadina, Diana, Denisa, Remi, Daniel, Lucian

Every morning at camp we meet with counselors and staff for a time of prayer, coffee, fellowship, and chocolate. As we were gathering I asked Dani, one of our experienced counselors, to tell me his secret. His boys respect and follow him and he is an example for the other counselors. He responded immediately; 

"You must deny yourself. Just give everything you have for your campers. There is no other way." 

This morning Diana shared about one of her teen campers; 

"She reads her Bible here because she cannot read at home. She hides her Bible reading from her family because they do not approve. At camp she can be open about her desire to know God more."

Thank you for being with us in prayer. If this message reaches you after this week of camp has finished, please be in prayer for the follow-up that happens after camp. Pray with us for the churches to which campers and counselors will return. Pray that campers find the support that will help them continue to grow.
Thank you for helping to make it happen.
-Andrew & Leah