On Thursday, October 26th from 7-9pm, Sojourn is going to simulcast Q Commons - a nation-wide event presented by Q.

What is Q?

Q equips Christians on how to thoughtfully engage our cultural moment. Through immersive learning experiences where no topic is off limits, leaders are encouraged to think, process and consider their approach on the most difficult cultural conversations they will face. Our method of learning is simple: exposure, conversation, and collaboration. We didn’t want to create just another conference, but instead, make an intentional effort to platform the best and brightest ideas that are shaping our world and interact with them. Q is not for passive listeners, but for active leaders hungry to shape the future of culture.

What is Q Commons?

During this exclusive, two-hour evening, your church will join tens of thousands of Christians to be equipped on how to engage this unique, American moment. Six world class presenters will educate, inspire and offer people of faith creative ways to respond to the difficult challenges facing our communities.

This is designed for our church family and is free of charge.  Think of it as a really well done TED Talk event with people who are helping Christians navigate the world.  Sojourn is providing this event because we are convinced that it will help equip us to both process and discuss the state of our nation.  For more information on this event, go to http://qcommons.com/
Please join us!