Letter from Pastor Matt....A HUGE Thank You!

My 8-week sabbatical ended on Tuesday and yesterday was my first day back at Sojourn.  My sabbatical was great but I have to tell you that the joy in my heart has intensified as I have heard the reports of what went on here during the last 2 months.  People have grown, they have been cared for and Christ has been lifted up.  (I actually was not worried about it at all but it is still exciting to hear that it happened!)

Throughout my sabbatical, my wife and I found ourselves frequently, involuntarily drifting into deep thankfulness to Christ for Sojourn.   God has used you in our lives in such significant ways.  We have learned from you and have been blessed by you as you have modeled a love for Jesus, a love for people and humble, servant hearts.

We have prayed for years that we would be a church "not for ourselves".  We want to be a church that is outward-facing, a church that generously loves God and loves people, a church that is built for the sole purpose of seeing more and better disciples who love Jesus, follow Jesus and bring others to Jesus.  We want to be a church where the gospel shapes everything we do.  You have led us closer to that goal.

My heart is full...and I am glad to be a part of it.  Thank you!