On Sunday, February 11th at 6 PM we will have our Annual Members Meeting.  There will be food, music, updates and prayer.  We will celebrate what God has been doing here at Sojourn and we will spend some time looking forward to 2018.  If you are a member, we want you to be there!  We have much to be thankful for as well as much to pray about.

One change for 2018 that I need to tell you about now is in regard to our efforts to be a more intentionally prayerful church.  Two years ago we launched a once-a-month prayer time on first Wednesdays called Sojourn Prayer.  Our goal was to provide an hour for our church family to pray together.  In some ways it was effective (a group of people gathering for prayer is always effective, Matt. 18:20) but the elders believe it is time to close that chapter and invest our energy in more helpful ways of integrating prayer into the life of our church.  So we will not be gathering on first Wednesdays for Sojourn Prayer in 2018.

I would ask you to pray for us (the elders) and with us as we aim to lead well.  We believe that prayer is a rich means by which we commune with God both privately and corporately.  We believe the God hears our prayers and that prayer changes things...including us!  God is always listening and he invites his kids to come talk at any time.  Prayer is one of God's great gifts...let's learn to enjoy it.

Sojourn Prayer definitely had some good aspects to it and we should thank God for those two years.  We should also pray that we will grow in dependence on God in 2018!