Join us as Sojourn Church hosts a week at Safe Harbor Homeless Shelter!
This Spring Break, March 24-31, Sojourn Church will be caring for our local homeless population by staffing the all new, permanent shelter near downtown Traverse City.
Our church will be providing breakfasts, dinners, overnight chaperones, and lots of smiles and encouragement to our friends at the shelter. In total, there are 119 volunteer opportunities available through this week so invite a friend and join us as we serve these beautiful people.
Q: How do I sign up?
A: Sign-ups are online at Follow the link to Sojourn’s volunteer sign up page (March 24-31). All the volunteer opportunities are listed for each day.
Q: How do I find out more detail about each serving opportunity?
A: Descriptions of each service opportunity is also at Follow the link to Sojourn’s volunteer sign up page. Once there, you can click on any of the opportunities for a detailed description.
Q: Can children and teens serve?
A: Yes. Children 12-17 can help in the kitchen and with meal service.
Q: Is there training before I serve?
A: Yes. Training is available for everyone. The Safe Harbor staff facilitates onsite training two Saturdays per month from 10am to Noon. Upcoming training dates are March 3 and March 17. (At least one person per shift needs to attend ONE Safe Harbor training. New volunteers are matched up with veterans whenever possible.)
Q: Do the overnight chaperones have to stay awake all night?
A: No. Overnight volunteers sleep in shifts. A safe, private sleeping area is provided for overnight volunteers.
Q: Where is the facility?
A: Safe Harbor is located at 517 Wellington Street in Traverse City. (just south of 8th Street) 
Becky Kase is Sojourn’s Coordinator for this event. For questions or additional information, please contact her at or 231-932-5273.