In 2009 God started to disrupt our church...and, looking back, we desperately needed it.  As we tried to follow Jesus, God opened up a partnership with a small network of churches called Sojourn Network.  We have been consistently blessed by them for the last 6 years.  Recently they launched a podcast to tell some of the stories from the network churches and they asked me to tell my story for one of the episodes.  The link to that episode is below.

I feel a little self-conscious at the thought of a bunch of people tuning in to this but there is a reason why it might be helpful to listen.  As I retell my story, I think it becomes clear that it isn't really "my" story.  It is the story of Jesus, this church and its recent history.  It is the story of Jesus as the Faithful Captain who has been so kindly and generously forming us - little by little - into His likeness.  And He is just getting started.