We'd like to introduce you to Kyle McMahon!

After several months of collecting resumes, receiving filled-out questionnaires, and prayerfully discussing how it seems God is leading, Sojourn's elders are really excited about the potential partnership between Sojourn and Kyle. At this point in the process, we're putting him before you - the Sojourn family - and we're asking you to jump in and get to know Kyle.

We will be having Kyle and his wife, Jessica, up for an extended visit on May 16th-20th, but in the meantime, we've provided some ways for you to see who Kyle is - through some of his sermons, his writings, his social media, and his written story. As you have thoughts and questions (we'll be having a Q&A on the 16th), we've also provided a form that you can pass on those questions to us.

Please visit this page, start to get to know them, and pray.