Happy Thursday!  

Kerry and Jill Hanley, members at Sojourn Church, are part of a team that helps provide monthly meals to people in Traverse City.  We asked them to share with you an opportunity to serve in our community.  Thank you!

Dear Sojourn Family, 
We have some news, a call for service, and a prayer request to share with you, all wrapped up into one! We have been serving on a team that provides, cooks and serves a Community Meal to Traverse City residents for the past couple of years. We have just finalized arrangements for that team to be officially sponsored and sent by Sojourn Church. 

We are looking for some new team members to join us. We need folks that have a passion to cook/prep food and feed hungry people. We also have a place for those whose gifting is listening, talking, and saying hello to a stranger. This meal is served on the first Sunday of each month in downtown Traverse City at Grace Episcopal Church from 12:00noon – 3:00pm. 
We invite you to COME and SEE if this ministry might be a fit for you. The next few opportunities for you to serve are August 5th, September 2nd and October 7th. Feel free to email us at teamakesmehappy@gmail.com
or pull us aside at church for more specific details on the needs and roles we have to fill or if you’d like to come and take a look.
Please pray for servants to rise up, for us to have the words and love of Christ to share with the guests we serve, and they would come to know the love of Jesus. 
Kerry and Jill Hanley