Matt Herron

Lead Pastor


Movies and spending time in downtown TC

Favorite TC Restaurant  

Breakfast - The Towne Plaza

Lunch - Folgarelli's

Dinner - Red Ginger  

Favorite place I've traveled 

East Africa, great scenery and incredible people

How you met Kim 

I was a dance instructor at a summer camp and she was staying at the camp with her family.  When my dance partner was unable to perform one night, she stepped in and the rest is history.  Wait, that was "Dirty Dancing."  Kim and I met in college.

Whipple staff 1.jpg

Ben Whipple

Associate Pastor


movie-watching, music-making and listening, pipe-smoking, family excursion-taking, book-reading, food and drink-enjoying (especially with others)


Favorite TC Restaurant

It's so hard to choose from all the great local establishments! If I had to narrow it down to a few, I’d say Applebees, Burger King, and Sam’s Club Cafe. They’ve got great hot dogs. 

Favorite place I've traveled

Ethiopia. It blew my mind in so many important ways, and that’s where Janet and I first entered parenthood. 


How you met Janet

I met Janet in the hallowed halls of the Cedarville University music department, and it's there that I made an indelible impression by criticizing her piano-playing form in front of a classroom of students. From there, it was clear that God was drawing us together.



krista gusler

Director of Communications


I love to go to movies!


    Favorite TC Restaurant

Amical and Apache Trout Grill


    Favorite place I've traveled to

I don't think I have a favorite place, but my favorite trip was when Scott and I took 2 weeks and traveled by car from Michigan to Arizona. We drove through 12 states, saw some beautiful country and had a wonderful time!


    How you met Scott

In 1984, I was offered the branch manager's job at a credit union in Farmington, New Mexico.  This credit union's members were employees of Public Service Company of New Mexico.  Before taking the job, I went on a tour of the power plant to meet some of their employees.  As I entered the warehouse area, there was a guy who climbed a chain linked fence so he could see me and said "Hey, bring her over here!"  That was my Scott and the rest is history..... :)

Lou Damiani

Discipleship Coach


Gardening - especially growing red raspberries.  Enjoy playing tennis, ping pong - anything with a racket or paddle.  Also hiking, snowshoeing, piano and playing Trivia Crack.


    Favorite TC Restaurant

Apache Trout Grille (hands down) -- the food, the views, some great memories


    Favorite place I've traveled to

Salzburg, Austria and traveling through the Alps of Austria and Southern Germany in mid May.  The scenery, beauty - priceless - along with rich history of Salzburg (especially the Salzburg Castle)


    How you met Patti

 We first met casually during my sophomore and her freshmen year in college, but our relationship began to blossom when we sat next to one another a year later in a Philosophy class.  To while away our mutual boredom, instead of taking notes, we started passing them!  Can't remember a thing I learned from that class, but what I ultimately gained from it was the woman of my dreams!



leighton crick

Director of Ministries


Sailing and I love spending time with my family; movies, camping, adventure…

Favorite TC Restaurant

TC Latino, Pleasanton Bakery, and Edany BLT

Favorite place I’ve traveled to

New Zealand. We moved there in faith and God provided our biggest adventure with him yet. 

How you met Gina

Red Lobster. I was a waiter, she was a hostess…  Our second date was a picnic by Lake Raven at the Huntsville State Park (Texas). I made her brownies. They were terrible but she ate them. :-) A few years later we were baptized together in that same lake. 




Melissa Johnson 2.jpg


Children's Ministry Coordinator


Running, cooking, hiking, reading, and woodworking.  I also LOVE hanging out with the high school students at TC High School.  

Favorite TC Restaurant


Favorite place I’ve traveled to

My favorite place besides Michigan is Colorado!