We meet as one family every Sunday

to fix our eyes on Jesus and listen to his Word.

Every Sunday morning at 9am and 11am, we gather together to corporately worship God.  The Word is sung, prayed, read and preached.  Our service is God-centered with a corporate focus—we sing to God together, we read God's Word together, and we learn from God's Word together.  We, the people of God, gather to meet with God.

During our gathering, we seek to re-present the grand truths of the gospel to ourselves and each other—the glory and holiness of our Creator-Lord, our brokenness as a result of our sin and our resultant need for a Savior, the saving mercy and grace found in Jesus Christ, and his compelling love that moves us to love each other, our community, and our world.

We invite you to join us!  Don't worry too much about what to wear, as you'll see people in suits, jeans, and everything in between.  The main thing is that you come.  The service runs around 80 minutes, and we do offer a children's worship service during this time. 


Between the worship gatherings, we connect with each other over coffee.  This is a great time to meet new people, encourage one another, and discuss what God is doing in your life - its also a great time to make lunch plans so that you can continue your conversations!


Below is the Spotify playlist that includes most of the songs Sojourn sings on any given Sunday: