God is renewing all things!

The crazy thing is that he's doing it in and through his people, the church. A people who he calls his own; a people called out  "from every tribe and language and people and nation (Rev. 5:9b)."  In short, the gospel of Jesus Christ is for all people, in all places, across all time; and we desperately desire to be caught up in God's beautiful vision to redeem, restore, and renew all things to himself in Christ. 

To that end, we partner with ministries, agencies, and networks here in Traverse City, Michigan, and to the ends of the earth.  Here's a brief introduction to some of our partners:



Kids Hope is a school church partnership that builds life-changing relationships through mentoring: One Child. One Hour. One School. One Church. Sojourn Church has had the privilege to serving Silver Lake Elementary through this mentorship program since 2010.

 When: October - May

 Opportunities:

o Mentor - meet with one child, one hour per week through the school year.

o Prayer Partner - support the mentor-child relationship through prayer.

o Seasonal donation opportunities - Christmas and Teacher Appreciation Week.

 Contact: Melissa Johnson, mjohnson@sojourntraverse.com


Safe Harbor is a permanent winter emergency homeless shelter located at 517 Wellington St. It is staffed by volunteers from local churches and organizations. Each year, Sojourn coordinates one week of meals and volunteers to staff the Shelter. 

 When: February 16 - 22, 2019

 Opportunities: 

o Leadership team - Help Coordinate Sojourn's week at Safe Harbor

o Daily volunteer opportunities during our Safe Harbor Week include breakfast, dinner, evening, overnight and cleaning teams.

 Contacts:

o Becky Kase, kaseplace@aol.com

o Leighton Crick, lcrick@sojourntraverse.com


Freedom Builders serves the housing needs of the most impoverished families of the five county, greater Grand Traverse region.

They act as a bridge between individuals and families who desperately need housing repairs and the churches of the region. Sojourn supports them financially and through volunteering on projects throughout the year.

 When: Year-round, as project help is needed.

 Opportunities:

o Projects volunteers and follow up care.

 Contact:

o Leighton Crick, lcrick@sojourntraverse.com

Christ's Hope International

Christ’s Hope International cares for orphaned and vulnerable children through Ministry CarePoints.

“Ministry CarePoints are strategically located centers that provide children with holistic care, biblical teaching, and the ability to live with extended or foster families rather than being institutionalized or living on the streets.”

We specifically partner with the Manzanza Ministry CarePoint in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. As well as the Sue Wright Ministry CarePoint in Jamanique. 

 Resources

o Christ's Hope

o What is a CarePoint? 



TC Cares Day is a one-day free health and wellness clinic that is offered to residents of the greater Traverse City area. Services include: Medical, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Haircuts, Social Service Information and Counseling, Winter Outer Wear Closet, Health and Hygiene Pantry, Family Portraits, Warm Meal and more.

 When: 2nd Saturday of October.

 Opportunities:

o Donations - Winter Outerwear and Health and Hygiene items. 

o Event Volunteers:

  • Advocates - advocate volunteers are pair up with one family and act as their host as they navigate their way through the services.

  • Team Volunteer - teams include winter outerwear closet, health and hygiene pantry,prayer, set up, tear down, meal and more

 Contacts: 

o Maggie Norman, maggieAnorman@gmail.com

o Sara Leatz, dskpintc@gmail.com


Single Momm is a local organization with a vision to “cultivate communities on a mission to ignite hope, healing, and confidence within single moms through story-based awareness, mentorship, and guidance.”

We supports Single Momm financially and volunteer to staff one of their monthly event nights.

 When: Second Saturday in November.

 Opportunities:

o Event night volunteers and meal preparation. 

 Contact:

o Leighton Crick, lcrick@sojourntraverse.com

care center

Helping women with unplanned pregnancies, encouraging life. Sojourn Supports them financially through the annual baby bottle boomerang fundraiser.

 Contact:

o Pregnancy Care Center