The plan of God is to redeem a group of people who are his very own, and this group of people will be called out and redeemed "from every tribe and language and people and nation (Rev. 5:9b)."  In short, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for the entire world!  God will not stop until he has created his people from the nations, and we want to be caught up in God's universal redemptive plan. 

To that end, we have partnered with several individual missionaries and agencies, ranging from here in Michigan to across the world.  Here is a listing of the missionaries and mission agencies that we have partnered with:


Sojourn Network 


A network of evangelical, reformed baptistic churches that covenant together to plant more and healthier churches


Website  |  Churches in Our Network to Pray For 



“Every day thousands of people in Sub-Saharan Africa die because of AIDS. Children affected by HIV and AIDS are often stigmatized and marginalized by society and their communities, left to live off the streets or in overcrowded, underfunded orphanages, severed from their families.” 

Christ’s Hope International cares for these orphaned and vulnerable children through Ministry CarePoints. Ministry CarePoints are strategically located centers that provide children with holistic care, biblical teaching, and the ability to live with extended or foster families rather than being institutionalized or living on the streets. When a child attends our Ministry CarePoint, they not only receive holistic care but are discipled by our CareGivers, enrolled in school, tutored by our CareGivers, and given access to regular medical care.  

We partner with the Manzanza Ministry CarePoint in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Sue Wright Ministry CarePoint in Jamanique


Website |  What is a CarePoint? 




Charlie and Rachel, serve as a part of PALM (Preparing Arab-world Leaders for Ministry) a ministry of Pioneers.  

PALM seeks to gather individual Muslim-background followers of Christ into discipleship groups, where they can grow together into spiritual maturity as part of reproducing churches. God is drawing Muslims to himself today! But only by ensuring the formation of strong, biblical, courageous, disciple-making churches, will we see the Arab world enduringly transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Charlie and Rachel serve the Arab world from a base in Europe.


Contact the church office to learn more about Charlie and Rachel's ministry.  

Website about PALM ministry



Jan Oudemolen

 A retired missionary who spent many years teaching release time and after-school Bible classes for children K-4th grade. Sojourn is Jan's home church.



Helen Squires

Helen Squires and her husband, Wayne, served as church planters with Continental Baptist Missions. Wayne served as Pastor at Sojourn for nearly 20 years.  Wayne passed away in April 2016 and Helen is currently living in Grand Rapids to be closer to her family.



Andrew and leah postema

Andrew and Leah Postema serve in Bucharest, Romania.  They serve in Romanian church ministry and coordinate Romanian camp ministries, as well as lead Romanian camp teams in assisting camp ministries in neighboring countries.